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The Fast Track Project Toolkit is a time-saver, and a must-have management resource, teaching you how to use strategic project fast tracking to deliver successful projects (even when time is running out and resources are running low). Get a quick look at some of the contents below:

It's all here... how to fast track. why to fast track. when to fast track. fast track templates. fast track benefits. fast track results.

It's the full fast tracking methodology packed into 500+ pages of steps, charts and checklists, with the 70+ page Fast Track Charter Template, Lessons Learned templates, Project Committee Guidebook and more. Ready for instant download.

Key Topics Covered

Fast Track Fundamentals

What is fast tracking? How does it work? When is it used? What are the benefits?

Fast Track Analysis

Learn how to analyze needs, set priorities and find fast tracking "opportunities".

Fast Track Workflows

Follow all the steps to plan, make decisions, and produce required deliverables.

Getting Projects Defined

Learn how to define project scope and work effort in just (30) key terms.

Sizing Project Governance

Learn how to focus your resources on the top ten "must-do" project governance needs.

Producing the Charter

Learn how to document all the fast track plans and decisions in a multi-purpose Charter.

Negotiating with Stakeholders

Follow the steps and guidelines to negotiate project tradeoffs, adjustments and priorities.

Finding Lessons Learned

Learn how to evaluate "fast tracking" results and identify lessons for future improvement.

and more...

The Fast Track Project Toolkit is published in (3) Editions (Standard, Extra and Bundle), ready for purchase and download. The Toolkit contains multiple components, including manuals (in PDF format) and customizable templates (in Word format). For more details, see our FAQ.
Strategic fast tracking is a streamlined, lifecycle project management methodology, designed specifically for "real world" project circumstances - when you are being asked to do more than time and resources realistically allow. It all works through a process of analysis, resizing, negotiation and oversight. Read more.
The Fast Track Project Toolkit is published in digital format (e-books and templates) and delivered via download. The Toolkit manuals are provided in PDF format and the templates are formatted for use in Microsoft Office Word. Compatible with Adobe Acrobat or Reader 9.0 or higher and Microsoft Office Word 2007 or higher.

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The Fast Track Project Toolkit is available here for purchase and download. To make your purchase and get your download, simply select the desired Edition and click the "Buy Now" button. We offer secure payment processing and we accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. Every purchase is backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Standard Edition$98

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  • 2 Manuals:
    Practices Manual,
    Standard Instruction Manual
  • 2 Templates:
    Fast Track Charter,
    Approval Control Form
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Download: .zip file

Extra Edition$139

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  • 2+ Manuals:
    Practices Manual, Extra Instruction Manual
    (with expanded guidelines)
  • 3 Templates:
    Fast Track Charter, Approval Control Form, Negotiation Session Report
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Download: .zip file

Bundle Edition$184

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  • 3 Manuals:
    Practices Manual, Bundle Instruction Manual, Project Committee Planner
  • 4 Templates:
    Fast Track Charter, Approval Form, Negotiation Report, Lessons Learned Report
  • 7 Bonus tools Committee Charter and more.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee, Download: .zip file

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