When you learn the 'committee concept process', you will learn both the strategic concepts and the executable steps. This ensures that you understand why it works the way it does, as well as the actual steps required to make committee work happen. If you want a first hand look before you commit to the full Toolkit, you can get started by enrolling in our free Project Committee Starter Course.

The Project Committee Toolkit contains 50+ learning components, including video lessons, supplemental reference materials, infographics, templates and more. Here's a brief overview of the course contents, and what you can expect to learn and accomplish:

Learn the Basics

The Toolkit lessons start by setting the stage for committee concept learning -- with a review of committee management basics and how the "concept" fits in.

Learn to Analyze

TContinue learning as we present the key process stages, starting with origination, where committee needs are first identified and analyzed (the committee trigger).

Learn to Organize

Then we teach you all about getting committees organized, covering mission definition, organizational structure, Code of Conduct, member selection and more.

Learn to Operate

And then we move on to committee operations, teaching you how to "fast track" operational needs including meetings, member onboarding, decision making and more.

Learn to Evaluate

We conclude with final stage of the committee concept process, teaching you how to evaluate both committee and individual member performance (for continuous improvement)..

And There's Tools Too

After you've learned all the concepts and steps, you can download the templates, including the Committee Charter Template, Meeting Reports, Evaluation Forms and more.

Concepts Modules Curriculum

These are the concept module components of the Project Committee Toolkit:
  • Big Picture Video Part 1 - What is Fast Track Management?
  • Big Picture Video Part 2 - Introducing the Committee Concept Process
  • The Big Picture Process Diagram (PDF)
  • The Big Picture Process Quiz
  • Concept Module 1 - Quick Start (Video)
  • Concept Module 2 - Keys to the Committee Concept (Video)
  • Concept Module 3 - Committee Characteristics (Video)
  • Concept Module 4 - The Committee Concept Process (Video)
  • Reference - Concept Modules Key Points Summary (PDF)

Practices Modules Curriculum

These are the practices module components of the Project Committee Toolkit:
  • Practices Module 1 - Committee Process Origination (Video)
  • Practices Module 2 - Defining the Committee Mission (Video)
  • Practices Module 3 - Forming the Committee Structure (Video)
  • Practices Module 4 - Defining Responsibilities with Action Word Mapping (Video)
  • Practices Module 5 - Using the Committee Code of Conduct (Video)
  • Practices Module 6 - Committee Meeting Management (Video)
  • Practices Module 7 - Committee Decision Making (Video)
  • Practices Module 8 - Committee Administration Practices (Video)
  • Practices Module 9 - Committee Evaluation Practices (Video)
  • Practices Module 10 - Committee Charter Practices (Video)
  • Practices Reference - Practices Module Key Points Summary (PDF)
  • Practices Reference - The Action Word Glossary (PDF)
  • Practices Reference - Committee Organization Infographic (Diagram)

Steps Modules Curriculum

These are the steps module components of the Project Committee Toolkit:
  • Steps Module 1 - Getting Ready to Act (Video)
  • Steps Module 2 - Committee Process Steps and Workflow (Video)
  • Steps Module 3 - Committee Member Selection Activities (Video)
  • Steps Module 4 - Committee Onboarding Activities (Video)
  • Steps Module 5 - Committee Meeting Management Activities (Video)
  • Steps Module 6 - Motion and Voting Activities (Video)
  • Steps Module 7 - Committee and Member Evaluation Activities (Video)
  • Steps Module 8 - Committee Charter Production Activities (Video)
  • Download - Committee Process Workbook (Excel)
  • Reference - Workflow Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Member Selection Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Onboarding Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Meeting Management Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Motions and Voting Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Evaluation Key Steps Summary (PDF)
  • Reference - Committee Charter Checklist (PDF)
  • Reference - Motion Form Checklist (PDF)
  • Reference - Report Card Checklist (PDF)

Templates for Download

These are the template and related reference components of the Project Committee Toolkit:
  • Reference - Template Instruction Manual (PDF)
  • Download 1 - The Committee Charter Template (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 2 - The Committee Member Selection Form (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 3 - The Motion Planning Form (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 4 - The Regular Meeting Agenda and Report Template (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 5 - The Special Meeting Agenda and Report Template (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 6 - The Follow-up Action Log (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 7 - The Committee Report Card (Microsoft Word)
  • Download 8 - The Committee Report Card (Microsoft Word)

Testing Your Knowledge Curriculum

These are the testing components of the Project Committee Toolkit:
  • Test 1 - Concept Knowledge Readiness (Online Quiz)
  • Test 2 - Practices Knowledge Readiness (Online Quiz)
  • Test 3 - Tools and Techniques Knowledge Readiness (Online Quiz)

Note: Toolkit components can be added and updated at any time. When you sign in, you will always have access to the latest lessons, templates and materials available. Once you register, you will have access to all future additions and updates at no additional cost.